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I'm travelling to Japan / Taiwan this November (11/08 SFO ~ 11/25 SFO).

Currently I don't have a concrete plan how I am going to spend my time in Japan and in Taiwan.
I have been thinking of doing a long distance hike in Japan following ancient pilgrimage path.

Kumano Kodō


The Kumano Kodō (熊野古道) is a series of ancient pilgrimage routes that crisscross the Kii Hantō, the largest Peninsula of Japan

There are several pilgrimage trails but the trail I'm thinking of is "Kohechi Trail", connecting Koyasan and Kumano Hongu Taisha (distance: 70km approx 44 miles).

Kohechi Trail (left green one in the map):


The sacred Mount Koya is connected to the Kumano Grand Shrines by the ~70km long Kohechi Trail (小辺路). It runs through the center of the Kii Peninsula from north to south. Compared to Nakahechi it’s not an easy route as it consists of steep slopes. If you try to take this trail, please prepare accordingly. There are almost no accommodations or villages on the way, so you shouldn’t go alone!
While the more popular Nakahechi trail was used by pilgrims from all social ranks departing from Kyoto, the Kohechi trail was mainly used by Mount Koya’s Buddhist monks.

Here is the elevation map. The peaks are about 1200m, about 4000 feet. Planning to do 3 days, 2 nights (staying in local hotels, no fancy accommodations). We need to walk longer distance in the second day. We will stay in a hotel at both trail heads so the trip is going to be 5 days, 4 nights including transportation from the major city (Kyoto, Osaka). As this area is known for rain, I would add one extra day so that we can pick better weather.


This trip is definitely no harder than our regular hikes in terms of distance, elevation.
(But we may end up hiking in rain)
Sceneries you would see are something like … https://bit.ly/2JWYRbr

The goal is Kumano Grand Shrine, which I visited back in 2015 (I just hiked the trail for 30 minutes or so):

If you are interested in and are available to be in Japan in mid-Nov, I would like to work on planning.
I'm hoping we can have other people to join so that we have a party of four or a party of five (two is minimum).

BTW, you may have noticed that there is another long pilgrimage trail, Omine Okugakemichi (~ 100+km).
This trail is longer (takes one or two extra days) and need to carry tent and parts of the trail may be washed away.
Mountain huts are closed after October. Thus, I gave up on doing this ultra long hike.


This time of year (mid-Nov ~ late-Nov) in Japan is the time to enjoy nice fall foliage in many places, including Kyoto.

The following is a link to photos I took back in 2016 November:

You don't need to travel with me. You can extend your stay beforehand or afterward.
As far as we can agree with the hike schedule, no other restrictions.
(I'm happy to be your travel guide when I'm with you)
Having said, I'm happy to assist making reservations (obviously reservations related to the hike are managed by me), or suggesting ideas, like I'm doing for other people.
You can visit Kyoto, Tokyo, … any place you like.


I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thought you might be interested in (and available in Nov).
Thank you for your attention.

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