Kobe Beef Rice Bowl
Copied from my sent e-mail with minor corrections:

Hi all,

This was my dining experience several days earlier.
Maybe more than a year ago, I found an article describing a restaurant in Kobe serving a beef rice bowl using genuine Kobe beef. The chef was once an Italian chef but decided to pursue another cousin. It sounded very interesting and the price mentioned was not outrageously expensive considering the price of Kobe beef.

So, before visting my mother in Kobe, I decided to try this restaurant. It was not difficult to locate the restaurant as it was not far from a popular tourist walking course in Kobe, which is connecting various old houses that hosted foreigners more than a hundred years ago (they looked foreign as each accommodated original owner's culture and taste).

Anyway, when I got there 5 or 6 people are standing outside waiting for getting in.
It was not uncommon to see in Japan to have such a long waiting queue with a popular restaurant and having up to 100 people is rare but seen.

I never imagined to experience such by myself. I thought it shouldn't take much before getting my turn. So, I started waiting outside being exposed to cold wind.
Waiting for 10 minutes, waiting for another 10 minutes, the line was not moving much.
I thought about giving up but I felt I had invested enough so much that giving up would mean my waiting was completely wasted.

Anyway, making a long story short, I ended up spending more than two hours before finally I had a beef rice bowl. Probably the reason why I didn't give up was my curiosity that why the operation was so inefficient and whether the food offered was good enough for my hours of waiting.

Before reveling my judgements, here are photos.

Kobe beef is shipped with a certificate (with a photo). The displayed ones are from three years earlier.
This is the beef rice bowl costing me 1300 yen, around $10.
The bowl had the following illustration inside depicting a foreigner on a trading ship with a moncular.

I think the price was not outrageous but not cheap either.

Was the food justifying hours of waiting? Probably not.

Was this a good way to taste Kobe beef? Probably not.

I think you can taste Kobe beef fully if you go to a steak restaurant that are specialized in serving Kobe beef.
Why the operation was so inefficient? There was only one person doing everything, cooking and serving customers, and everything else. The restaurant was very small and had only up to ten counter sheets. It was obvious that the restaurant was suffered from its too much popularity.

Anyway, this is the end of this interesting dining experience.

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