2011 Taiwan Chiba Tokyo Japan


I went to Chiba, Japan to attend CEATEC 2011, which was a large trade show in Japan. The show was held in a big convention center in Makuhari Messe. The show started at 10AM in the morning so I wandered out from the convention center.

(1) 「見浜園」(Mihama-en)

A short walk from Makuhari Messe, there was a wonderful Japanese garden.
The garden was surrounded by high-rise buildings but you felt like you were stepping into another world once you were in.


There was a nice tea house, like many traditional Japanese gardens, and the view from there was gorgeous.

(2) Tokyo Imperial Palace

Not many things to see in Tokyo Imperial Palace because the majority of the Palace is off-limit to common people like me.
Although Tokyo Imperial Palace is a castle, it doesn't have a central tower. The tower was burnt down around 350 years ago because of fire and never been re-built since.

(3) Kanda River

Kanda River is one of major river flowing in Tokyo. The river used to be heavily polluted and smelled very bad. The water quality has greatly improved in recent years and now people are enjoying boat ride in hot summer days to enjoy the cool breeze.

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